Born on the battlefield, shaped by Silicon Valley, and honed in government.

Change your approach in days to accelerate momentum in weeks

Align the right resources and technology to rapidly transition what you produce using:

• Requirements Discovery™
• Market research & due diligence
• Stakeholder engagement
• Rapid prototyping & experimentation
• Transition strategy

And more.
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Increase organizational capacity in just months

Learn how to apply methods that really work inside large organizations, while solving real problems.

Join thousands of practitioners and senior leaders accelerating their mission while decreasing risk using Problem Curation®, the Innovation Pipeline®, and H4X®.
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Engage the next generation of talent every semester

Through programs like H4D®, we connect the brightest students to real world problems, expanding the network of talent working towards the public good.

We partner with top universities, government agencies, and the Common Mission Project, to teach students Lean innovation while they solve your problems.

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Gain a dual-use ecosystem for life

We can take your initial idea to scale by equipping inventors and innovators with a founder mindset, entrepreneurial skills, and robust networks to transition dual-use technology to market.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What does BMNT stand for?

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Begin Morning Nautical Twilight
is the time just prior to sunrise. You can see the horizon and the stars, and navigators get to work.

From a military perspective, BMNT is the moment in time when, in good conditions, enough light is available to conduct high impact operations. We draw inspiration from this to create the conditions that quickly lead to meaningful results for those you serve.

What contract vehicles is BMNT on?

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We are a prime or subcontractor on the GSA Schedule and flexible IDIQs and OTAs. We can accommodate task orders, purchase orders, R&D and O&M funds, and we can execute contracts in two weeks to two months.

We are also a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

Does BMNT do pilot projects?

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Yes. We reserve capacity for 2-3 pilot projects each year so organizations can test our capabilities.

You can also engage with our methods by sponsoring a problem in one of our academic programs.

What is the Innovation Pipeline® and H4X®?

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The Innovation Pipeline® is an end-to-end framework for teams to select and advance the right opportunities through discovery and experimentation. It clarifies how and why specific methods and tools can be useful for government teams at scale, whether you are using agile development, design thinking, change management, Scrum, and more.

H4X® is our problem-centric approach for making rapid progress through transition points. It was designed for government program managers to connect activities from the invention of an idea to the adoption of a new capability.

Both are in use at diverse organizations like the Office of Naval Research, Advanced Research Project Agency for Health (ARPA-H), Defense Logistics Agency, Transportation Security Administration, Defense Intelligence Agency, Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office, and more.