We power organizations
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Mission Results

The stories of how we empowered the mission-driven movement in 2019 and where we are going next

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Strategic consulting services to help our customers solve problems at startup speed.

We provide a range of consulting services to help our customers repeatedly solve incredibly complex problems at startup speed - sprint workshops, market research, accelerator programs, and bespoke strategic consulting. We don’t just pay lip service to bringing Silicon Valley best practices to Government - we live it, every day.


Products that help our customers solve problems at enterprise-scale

We’ve embedded our years of experience solving problems into our technology.  The Aurora platform tracks and makes sense of an organization’s people, problems, solutions and the infinite connections that bind them together. 

Our bot applications virally crawl around organizations, learning how they function, what problems people are having, all while maintaining sustained personal conversations with the entire enterprise, simultaneously. 


Ventures that foster a strong ecosystem to support the work that we do for our customers

BMNT was founded in the heart of Silicon Valley – the world’s original innovation ecosystem. We know that the success of any new initiative is directly proportional to the strength of the ecosystem that surrounds it - that’s why we actively work to source, vet and fund promising new technologies and dual-use companies.

We support a broad range of promising initiatives, from upstart entrepreneurs graduating from our H4D university program, to mature startup companies pioneering strategic dual-use technology. Through our H4XLabs accelerator, Defense Investor Network community and FOCOM fund, we have the material and logistic support infrastructure to help companies launch, grow and sustain technologies that support our mission.

Who we work with

We bring together the most talented people to work on the most difficult problems

Defense Agencies


Commercial Companies

Academic Institutions

Local Governments


“[BMNT was] able to bring a bunch of people together, draw out the best ideas, navigate the treacherous waters of rank and politics, and ultimately, deliver a killer product for us."

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