Careers at BMNT

We work on real innovation, not innovation theater.

This means building and running innovation pipelines, powered by people and problems, disciplined by evidence, and accountable for results.
Our Hiring Philosophy
Our ability to deliver quality results is possible thanks to the diverse members of our team. To succeed in our mission, we are dedicated to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within our organization.

If you're interested in joining us please take a look at our job openings.
Applying to BMNT
All BMNT candidates go through a screening process that is comprised of five “levels”. It’s kind of like a game. Each level is designed to assess a specific aspect of fit. If you’re a good player at each level, we can predict that you'll also be a good fit at BMNT.

This is the only piece of advice we can give you. Don't try to "beat" our screening process. It's here to help us find people who will thrive in our unique culture while being respectful of everyone's time. We also designed the process to be intrinsically valuable, meaning the process itself should help you clarify the type of career you're building for yourself and how you can best pursue the goals that matter to you.
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As candidates go through the five levels,
they are asked to embrace the three principles of our screening process:
of Fit
Based on what you know right now, are you and the current BMNT team aligned across all the major dimensions of personal and professional life?
Mutual Enthusiasm
Based on what you know right now, are you even more enthusiastic about joining BMNT than you were when you started the process?
Individual Agency
It is your responsibility to know what's expected and play accordingly. Review "Our Hiring Process" to see the instructions for playing each level of the game.
95th Percentile
A final note: like everything we do, the screening process is also an experiment. We have significantly changed it at least a dozen times in the last few years. Don’t expect a smoothly running machine.
Using a traditional process based on resumes and interviews, we can determine 80th percentile fit. The first three levels of our process get us to that point, but can’t help after that. The only way to assess the subtle differences between the 80th and 95th percentile is by immersing you in a “real enough” BMNT environment, working on a real problem.

BMNT’s screening process reflects our commitment to finding the rare person who will thrive here. The way we think about thriving is as a 95th percentile fit. These are the rare folks who take action, emphasize learning over rote execution, work well in teams, are self-directed, and can adapt over time.
Who are we?
BMNT is an equal opportunity employer and considers qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, gender, age, color, religion, disability, veterans’ status, sexual orientation, or any other protected factor.
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