February 6, 2020

Innovation is a sociological problem. When people can’t, won’t, or don’t know how to communicate with each other, it’s tough to find simple answers to the challenges they face.  The latest breed of problem-solving tools can help – but not if they’re used in isolation. 

Instead, a system is needed to provide a common language and process for guiding innovation efforts. We built one, looking to the entrepreneurs we work with, as well as the tools and techniques they use, then adapting those innovative approaches to problem-solving for a new purpose and a new breed of entrepreneurs – mission-driven entrepreneurs.

That system – H4X® – combines doctrine, training, software and analytics to power organizations to make decisions better, faster, cheaper, and more reliably at-scale. We’ve molded it to suit each mission. H4X® can’t solve problems for you, but it will illuminate the path forward, ensuring that you’re making steady progress on your organization’s problems and that you always know what to do next. 

We’ve learned over time and through repetition that H4X® provides our customers with a way to surface, make sense of, and measure innovation.

That’s not to say that innovation is easy – it is not. But now we are starting to understand what is working, what isn’t, and why through the data we collect as our customers work through H4X® activities. Our analysis and how we act on the insights they provide is what propels us forward, constantly curating, updating, and maintaining the system. 

Our team continues to work with customers to improve H4X® as their pipelines mature, and with every new iteration we get more and better feedback. And so, the system reinforces itself, helping our customers solve their problems better, faster and cheaper than ever before.