It’s Not Just Tech Problems: How Hacking for Defense is Making the World a Safer Place

Pete Newell

February 5, 2021

Thanks to John Amble, editorial director of the Modern War Institute, for having me on the Modern War Institute podcast to discuss Hacking for Defense recently. We talked about how and why the class started, how it’s working to solve some of the toughest national security problems, and what’s next for the program as it grows.

Check out the time stamps below for specific topics or listen to the entire interview here.

3:10: What Hacking for Defense (H4D) is and how it works

4:49: Why we started with students in an academic setting

6:58: A happy accident — How H4D got started

14:30: Getting to the heart of 500 gnarly problems

18:04: How an innovation pipeline works

20:37: Success stories from the class

25:00: What goes into bridging the public and private sectors

30:25: What’s ahead for the “Hacking 4 X” model

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