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Level 2
Thank you for playing Level 1! You’re probably reading this because you chose to opt in to Level 2. You’re demonstrating individual agency, which is a good start. Now remember the other two screening principles: goodness of fit & mutual enthusiasm. Are these satisfied? In other words, knowing what you know at this point:

Are you even more excited about joining the team? Are you even more convinced that you would fit well into both the team and our work?

You will be playing with the person who would be responsible for making you and your team successful. Research indicates that your direct supervisor has the greatest impact on both the quality of your work, and how much you enjoy it. So this conversation should go really well. Again, pay attention to emotions. It should feel like the two of you could thrive together.

Here's how to set up a Level 2:

• Write out a paragraph (no more than 150 words) describing some of the pros and cons of BMNT's screening process as you understand it.

• Come up with three questions you want answered by this manager.

• Our recruiter will assist in setting up Level 2.  You should be prepared for the call with the paragraph and questions from tasks 1 and 2. Your player(s) should have been disclosed at the end of Level I. For future communications, we use the email convention of “first letter of first name” + “last name” at bmnt.com.

For example, William Treseder is wtreseder@bmnt.com.If you’re confused, please reach out to hiring@bmnt.com.