We partner with people who love their organization and their mission. They are pursuing their dreams: protecting the world; teaching the young; healing the sick; and other critical missions. Despite the best intentions, they are struggling to keep up in a rapidly changing world. 

We see the potential trapped inside each organization. There are massive opportunities to increase the effectiveness and speed of the work already being done, while finding ways to be more adaptive as challenges evolve. We work together to recognize and exploit opportunities as they emerge.

We have lived through these challenges, built a better way, and want to share it with people who are working on issues that truly matter. 

What WE DO

We change perspectives and inspire people, taking problems and turning them into opportunities.  That requires a dependable system that works at every level of an organization. We work with our partners to develop an evidence-based, data-driven process for building teams who tackle tough, important problems. 

No single methodology or activity is sufficient to accomplish this goal. Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Hackathons, Design Sprints, Rapid Prototyping and many other valuable tools will be required. We focus first on understanding the true nature of the problem we're trying to solve, and then seeking out the best possible partners to develop a solution. 


We start by assessing the current state of the organization, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. Then we source a set of problems, plus the people motivated to solve them. We rigorously curate these problems, then prioritize them according to their value. Then we outline pathways that will address the most important priorities.

For problems worth solving, we build an ecosystem. That means finding users who experience the problem, managers who are affected by it, experts who are working to solve it, and leaders who believe it's a strategic issue. We engage this entire ecosystem to validate the problem, and to identify critical components of a solution. These critical components are then tested as fast and cheap as possible. Finally, the learnings from those tests are fed back into the ecosystem so we can confidently move develop and integrate a solution.

This is the repeatable, scalable, and dependable system we call H4X, and it's how you build the capacity to solve your own most critical problems.

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[H4X] provided us with the foundation for building solutions to longstanding problems that seemed previously immutable.