Disruption Saves lives

The modern battlefield is increasingly complex, asymmetric, and unpredictable.  Lifesaving solutions and technologies should reach users with speed and quality.  Navigating this landscape requires focus on the mission and a deep understanding of the problem.  Structured organizational processes create workflow barriers between users and technology buyers that result in wasted time and resources.  We operate within the strongest economic ecosystem in the world – Silicon Valley – and bring the best practices from these partnerships to the problems that we solve.  Lean Startup principles serve as the foundation of how we approach solutions to national security problems.

Our process starts with a problem statement and we apply the interconnectedness of our network to rapidly identify disruptive solutions through repeated engagement.  We create and test viable products that can be validated with prototype development for future long-term solution development.  Our team is composed of passionate veterans, engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs and technologists who bring a holistic and creative approach to government problems.