Thanks once again for investing the time to go through the Phase III screening. We would like to reiterate several important points so you can consider whether to continue in our screening process. Don’t just move forward because you feel obligated. Your time is valuable and so is ours!

Please read this all the way through. It has specific instructions and we will not respond unless you follow them.

What questions should I ask to determine if it's worth continuing in the process?

  1. Culture. How did you feel about the second stage of the screening process? Did you click immediately with the other people?

  2. Timing. The rest of the screening process could still take as long as 10 weeks. The limiting factor is our Ph IV screening, which requires you to be in either Palo Alto or DC. Do you need a job before that?

  3. Desire. How much more enthusiastic are you now? Does BMNT seem like the perfect place for you, or is it just another opportunity among many?

  4. Fit. We’re looking for 95th percentile fit. That’s hard to find. From the first interviews, did you get the sense you could really thrive at BMNT?

What’s Next?

If you would still like to be considered for the role, send an email using the below link to by the end of next week with 3 questions you would like answered during Phase III screening calls with your vertical fit interviewer.