Interns at BMNT bring questions and build pathways. You will work in collaboration with Analysts and Program Managers, typically in a team of three to five, to develop, adapt, and deliver our products to a wide range of organizations across the world of government innovation. This will include gathering and analyzing information, testing hypotheses, and developing recommendations. Projects will vary from interviewing clients, creating presentations and decks, to developing insights from BMNT products and models. You will work with many experts, from our product and design team, to our data scientists and entrepreneurs.

You will be supported by a company mentor throughout the duration of your internship, and receive training and career development from colleagues. Analyst interns will leave the summer with knowledge of human-centered design and design thinking methodologies, government and commercial clients, and first-hand experience of consulting at BMNT.

This is a paid part-time or full-time internship position for eight to ten weeks. Start dates are flexible. This application closes April 1st, 2018. 


  • In your sophomore or junior year of an undergraduate degree; expected graduation date of May 2019 or May 2020

  • Strong record of initiative taking and leadership in a work setting and/or extracurricular activities

  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively both verbally and in writing

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