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Hacking for "X"

H4X® helps organizations reliably solve difficult problems. Our process breaks down each problem to its essential components, then recruits a coalition of users, experts, partners, and supporters. This coalition leverages a unique ecosystem to validate the problem, and pursue pathways to a solution.

Starting with problems instead of solutions is critical for any organization that wants to quickly and consistently adapt to a changing world. That is why H4X developed a Problem Curation methodology that rigorously analyzes key components. A clearly defined problems magnifies the effectiveness of everything that follows.

Our Products


Innovation Pipeline™

The Innovation Pipeline™ provides the framework for all other H4X pipeline products and services and uniquely includes management tools for providing our partners with visibility into measures of progress with evidence-based indicators for actionable decisions.


Problem Curation

H4X always starts with problems. Our team works with you to rapidly assess the most critical aspects of important problems, reaching into our ecosystem of experts. We’ve built algorithms to consider three complementary angles: user desirability; technical feasibility; and organizational viability.

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Problem Prioritization

Once enough problems are curated, we can visualize them as a portfolio of opportunities to pursue. We help you identify quick wins and disruptive opportunities, while avoiding the “graveyard” of low-value projects. This lets you prioritize your efforts, avoiding the pursuit of solutions that can’t affordably be built or adopted.



Based on our years of experience working with large organizations, we understand the precise ingredients an organization needs to excel. We start by evaluating the systems and processes the organization currently has in place within its innovation ecosystem. The organization’s innovation ecosystem is then mapped onto our H4X® Innovation Pipeline where we identify bottlenecks and air gaps that reduce its return on innovation. We then provide expert recommendations on where to invest time, energy, and resources to improve the organization’s capacity to innovate.




The recommendations from the Innovation Pipeline Diagnostic™ are delivered in the form of the Innovation Pipeline Strategy™ which lays out a roadmap for the organization to internalize an accountable, scalable and repeatable innovation program. This builds an internal organizational capacity to solve difficult problems and make informed decisions about what, where, and how to adapt to meet its future needs.




H4X® Basic Course

This is the first step into the world of H4X®. The Basic Course provides a comprehensive overview of the H4X® system. Participants will learn the basics of the H4X® Innovation Pipeline, Problem Curation, Beneficiary Discovery, and Experimentation. This includes exposure to harnessing the Mission Model Canvas as a strategic tool, and empirically vetting assumptions using Minimum Viable Products. Participants will leave with a common innovation language and the tools necessary to begin to enact positive change within their organization.

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Terrain Walk (TW)

Over the course of three days, the TTW will facilitate focused discussions about the participants' problem space and possible solution pathways, on-location with industry leaders. Participants walk away with a Market Survey that highlights major takeaways and provides next steps to pursue as solution pathways are narrowed.

If you think a TTW could be useful for you, please download an example by clicking on the button below:



Discovery WORKSHOP

Urgent and important curated problems are suited to the Discovery Workshop. Key personnel and end users are recruited to participate in this intensive, four day course . This coalition works with our team to pinpoint essential needs and design tests to validate the most promising solution pathways. Your team will leave with a Minimum Viable Product and a detailed test plan to gather data from to build data-driven and accountable recommendations on the path forward in a brief to your organization’s senior leadership. We wrap up by presenting you with a comprehensive After Action Report, a detailed accounting of the entire process.



Intermediate Workshops


After the Basic Workshop, participants can dive deeper into each of the pillars of H4X: Problem Curation; Beneficiary Discovery; and Experimentation. These workshops are 2 days each, and include rigorous outcome-based testing both at the end and during follow-on activities.

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Experimentation Workshop


Beneficiary Discovery Workshop

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Problem Curation Workshop

Other Services

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University Pathways

There is no shortage of hard problems that need solving, but luckily we’ve found there is no shortage of individuals looking to lend a hand.  To maximize our impact, Hacking For "X" acts across two parallel tracks: H4X pathways run by BMNT, and academic courses organized by the non-profit, H4Di.org.

To learn more about H4Di and University-lead courses please visit H4Di.org.



The Science of Intrapreneurship

Every organization has to deal with rapidly changing environments, and “being innovative” is often proposed as a solution. Most innovation efforts fail because they focus on the wrong things:  a big budget, lots of staff, and a dramatic mission statement. Actual innovation looks much different, and we’ve developed a process to accelerate the development of an ecosystem where innovation can thrive.

The difficult aspects of innovation are knowing which problems to solve, and which people and technologies can solve them. With these pieces in place, leaders can focus on reducing and removing the barriers to experimentation and maturation. That is an innovation ecosystem: the strategic combination of people, technology, and problems - backed by leadership - to accomplish the mission.



Executive education

H4X can help senior leaders with the scoping and implementation of a complex strategy. The ExecEd session is often used to replace senior off-sites. Our 2-day immersive session unsticks leadership teams by: rapidly building consensus around near-term targets; mapping out the incentives of people responsible for execution; and creating realistic plans with timelines that the organization will actually follow.

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Learning to scope, prioritize, and solve problems.png

Learning to scope, prioritize, and solve internal problems

Rapidly understanding technology.png

Rapidly understanding emerging technologies

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Creating shared understanding of strategic priorities