Our Hiring Process

Thank you for your interest in joining the team at BMNT! We are always looking for people who can thrive doing our specific blend of team-based, semi-structured work. Of course, lots of companies say things like this but we actually mean it. Allow us to prove it to you!

We ask all candidates to go through a four phase screening process:

Phase I (General Screen)

  • 60 minute video teleconference call

  • 40% of total applicants proceed to Phase II

Phase II (Horizontal Screen)

  • Two 30 minute phone calls

  • 15% of total applicants proceed to Phase III

Phase III (Vertical Screen)

  • One 45 minute phone call

  • 6% of total applicants proceed to Phase IV

Phase IV (Immersive Screen)

  • 2-day on-site workshop

  • 2% of total applicants are hired after Phase IV

Goodness of Fit


Mutual Enthusiasm

As candidates go through the four phases, they are asked to embrace the two principles of our screening process: Goodness of Fit; and Mutual Enthusiasm.

Goodness of Fit: based on what you know right now, are you and the current BMNT team aligned across all the major dimensions of personal and professional life?

Mutual Enthusiasm: based on what you know right now, are you even more enthusiastic about joining BMNT than you were when you started the process?

95th Percentile

BMNT’s screening process reflects our commitment to finding the rare person who will thrive here. The way we think about thriving is as a 95th percentile fit. These are the rare folks who take action, emphasize learning over rote execution, work well in teams, are self-directed, and can adapt over time.

Using a traditional, interview-based process, it is pretty easy to discern 80th percentile fit. The first three phases of our process get us to that point, but can’t help after that. The only way to assess the subtle differences between the 80th and 95th percentile are by immersing you in a “real enough” BMNT work environment for two days, working on a real problem.

A final note: like everything we do, the screening process is also an experiment. We have significantly changed it at least a dozen times in the last few years. Don’t expect a smoothly running machine.

Still excited? Please go to /apply (/internship-apply for our internships) to fill out the application. We’re excited to meet you!

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