Phase 1 Screening

BMNT’s Phase I screening takes 45-60 minutes. The agenda will follow a loose structure of:

  • An introduction

  • A reminder of our screening process goals and principles

  • A brief history of BMNT

  • A discussion of the BMNT archetype

  • A Q&A session

  • Next steps in the process

Before and after the call, reflect on these four categories:

1) Culture. Do you identify with everything you’re hearing about our team?

2) Timing. Can you wait 10 weeks for the results of the screening process?

3) Desire. Are you pumped up about the opportunity to join us?

4) Fit. Do you think you can thrive at BMNT?


We run the Phase I screening call once a month. Please select the date and time that works best for you and select “copy to my calendar>>”.

Calendar of Events

Further Reading

You may find it useful to read up about BMNT. There are useful links around the website, and you can check out our Medium publication:

There is also a LinkedIn post that speaks directly to our culture:

And another LinkedIn post with a reading list if that interests you: