[H4X] was truly a great opportunity to learn and apply new skills.  It introduced concepts like the ‘Mission Model Canvas’, which can be coupled with Agile practices. This resonates very well with the direction our government clients are looking to go in the next 5-10 years.

-Garey Taylor, Booz Allen Hamilton

It’s an incredibly valuable insight that you get when you move outside of 50 miles of Washington, DC, and you bring your best talent out here…that’s at the end of the day just money for us.

-Major General Nakasone, Head of Army Cyber


Coming here and comparing the Marine Corps process and the sprint process, this is a streamlined Marine Corps process. We can replicate it within the DoD.  We just need to make sure we’re somewhere else, that we’re not in uniform, because you won’t talk as openly to someone who’s a general, not with confidence.

-Staff Sergeant, United States Marine Corps