horizontal Screening

Thanks once again for investing the time to go through the Phase I screening. We would like to reiterate several important points so you can consider whether to continue in our screening process. Please read this all the way through because there are specific instructions. We will not respond unless you follow them.

BMNT is not a great place for most people to work. We are constantly reinventing our work. It requires a lot of energy to sustain that mental orientation. And we don't have a good way to address the possibility of burnout.

BMNT wants people who are a great fit, not people who want a job. We need you to want to join our team because you are passionate about what we do, and can thrive in our culture.

BMNT's screening process is designed to find 95th percentile fits. We live in mortal fear of hiring people who aren't a great fit. Even if it means working harder, we are willing to NOT hire someone to fill an empty role.

BMNT's screening process is four phases, and takes about 6-10 weeks. Stage II is screening for horizontal fit (meaning peers). Stage III is screening for vertical fit (meaning managers). Stage IV is a 2-day immersive immersive where you get kicked into the deep end of the pool and we watch you try to swim. That's the only way to really learn whether you’re a 95th percentile fit.

BMNT only hires U.S. citizens. Due to our government work, we can't hire permanent residents or anyone here on a visa.

What questions should I ask to determine if it's worth continuing in the process? 

  1. Culture. Pay attention to how you feel about the first stage of the screening process. Do you like the fact that we're experimenting? Or does that come across as amateurish? Do you like the fact that we give so much agency/responsibility to our analysts? Or does that worry you?

  2. Timing. Our screening process averages 6-10 weeks. The limiting factor is our Ph IV screening, which requires you to be in either Palo Alto or DC. You may want a job before that.

  3. Desire. If you were offered a choice between McKinsey/Google and BMNT, what would you choose? If the answer is "McKinsey/Google", then don't move forward.

  4. Fit. Remember that BMNT is a game. You're trying to figure out if you have what it takes to be a great - not good - player in this game. Be honest with yourself.

What's next?

If you would still like to be considered for the role, send an email through one of the below links, based on your position of interest by the end of next week. Please include the 3 questions you would like answered during Phase II screening calls with BMNT horizontal fit interviewers.

What else can I do to find a great job?

Here are few resources for all of you that I wish I had when I was leaving both the military and school. If I were you, I would reread them many times, take notes, and try to put them into practice.

- Tim Urban's How to pick a career (that actually fits you)

- Marc Andreessen's guide to career planning (or in ebook)

- Larry's Smith's TEDx talk Why you will fail to have a great career