WHy WE Do it

To stay dominant we have to be right. All the time. Everywhere. Our antagonists only have to be right once, in one place. While we have to push the frontier forward or fall behind, they only have to wait for a crack to appear.

Speed and agility are the only way forward. It’s impossible to predict what crack will be exploited by a nefarious actor next. But it is possible to recognize them and fill them  as quickly as they emerge.

BMNT has seen the problem. We’ve felt it. We’ve lived it. And we’ve found a better way forward.

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What we Do

Begin Morning Nautical Twilight. Before the sun even breaks the horizon, silhouettes begin to form. This quiet, normally tranquil time has been the preferred time of attack since at least the French and Indian War.

It is simultaneously the time of greatest danger for defenders and greatest opportunity for attackers. The same situation. But depending on your place in it, a drastically different perspective.

We change perspectives, taking problems and making them opportunities.   

How WE Do it

We start with a problem, not a summary of pain points or proscribed solution masquerading as a problem, but an actual problem that is holding your organization back.

Then we build an ecosystem comprised of people who feel the problem in their work, program managers who are involved in the problem area, and others who are working on solving similar problems. The interactions of this ecosystem surface hypotheses not only about the nature of the solution but our very understanding of the problem.

These hypotheses are then tested in a low-to-no cost, iterative manner and the learnings from those tests is fed back into the ecosystem.

We call this process H4X.


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