Speed & Urgency

Hacking for Defense (H4D) provides a platform to address pressing problems facing the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC) and other government agencies.  H4D harnesses cutting-edge methodologies developed here in Silicon Valley and has proven successful in developing technology-informed solutions to problems addressed by start-up companies.  Inspired by serial entrepreneur Steve Blank and his Lean Launchpad courses taught at Stanford University and Cal Berkeley, H4D applies the Lean Startup principles, to facilitate iterative solution discovery with a variety of end users and stakeholders in order to provide rapid, cost efficient alternatives for national security program managers.  

The end result of the H4D process is not a presentation slide deck or report written in a closed classroom environment.  Instead, participants “get out of the building” and get their hands dirty talking to government and commercial stakeholders and collaborators as they encounter the chaos and uncertainty of how to turn ideas into products. Ultimately, the H4D platform is designed to transition hard problems into deployable solutions that can be funded and implemented at the speed of the emerging threats and other national security requirements to which they respond.