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A single thread runs through all of our work across organizations, people, problems, and technologies: impact. We are focused on what works, not what we're doing at any given moment. The goal is to solve problems, and that requires discipline on our part to keep improving H4X as we go. Our process will always need to get better, and so will we.

2017 Year in Review

We’re only just getting started, but we'd like to share a few of our accomplishments during the second year of H4X.

Case Study: Multi-Domain Operations Center

Our customer started out with a big audacious goal: to develop a work space to synchronously manage the dynamic retasking of Air, Space & Cyberspace assets within and across operations centers.

“The successes we have with the Air Operations Center are a direct result from the work we did with you!”

Key Takeaways


Participants prototyped entirely new ways of conducting operations in under 5 days

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They realized their vision was possible with current technology with minimal cost and risk

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They secured $3M in pilot funding and successfully demoed the new process, saving over $500M!

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