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A common thread runs through our work. The goal is to solve problems, and to improve the process as we go.

Case Study: Multi-Domain Operations Center (MDOC)

Develop a work space to synchronously manage the dynamic retasking of Air, Space & Cyberspace assets within and across operations centers.

“The successes we have with the Air Operations Center are a direct result from the work we did with you"

Key Takeaways


Participants fully adopted the H4D problem-solving methodology, maximizing the chance of successfully prototyping an MDOC concept

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MDOC vision is possible with current commercial technology

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There is a unique opportunity for USAF leadership to make meaningful progress toward developing a functional MDOC with minimal cost and risk


2016 Year in Review

We’re only just getting started. But this short deck highlights a few of our accomplishments over the first year of H4X.

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