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A common thread runs through our work. The goal is to solve problems, and to improve the process as we go.

2017 Year in Review

We’re only just getting started. But this short deck highlights a few of our accomplishments over the second year of H4X.

Case Study: Booz Allen Hamilton

Rapid testing of key product features and performance metrics to establish additional high-value work with an existing customer.

"Thanks for the class, I got a lot of kudos about your team and the material. They said the session was good, candid, and worthwhile. I just spent an extra hour with our [partner], and he's ready to take this approach to his client this week!"
- Director, Digital Solutions Group @ Booz Allen Hamilton


Key Takeaways

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Killed off project that was not going to be successful

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Development and pursuit of a new/validated business opportunity

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Refocusing the customer on overlooked critical user cohort

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