To stay on top we have to be right. All the time. Everywhere. Our competitors are waiting to displace or replace us. Our customers are asking for novel capabilities. So we have to push the frontier forward, or risk falling behind.

Speed and agility are the only way forward. It’s impossible to predict what market or technology will be exploited next. But it is possible to recognize gaps as opportunities, and address them as quickly as they emerge.

BMNT has seen these problems. We’ve felt them. We’ve lived them. And we’ve found a better way forward.

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What we Do

Begin Morning Nautical Twilight. Before the sun even breaks the horizon, silhouettes begin to form. This quiet, normally tranquil period has been the preferred time of attack since at least the French and Indian War.

It is simultaneously the time of greatest danger for defenders and greatest opportunity for attackers. The same situation. But depending on your place in it, a drastically different perspective.

We change perspectives, taking problems and making them opportunities.  

How WE Do it

We start with a series of problems that are holding back your organization. We rigorously assess and prioritize them according to your goals. And we outline pathways to address your priorities based on available resources.

For problems worth solving, we build an ecosystem. We find users who experience the problem, managers who are affected by it, and experts who are working to solve it. We engage this ecosystem to discover hypotheses about the nature of possible solutions, and also our understanding of the problem.

These hypotheses are then tested in a rapid, iterative manner. And the learnings from those tests are fed back into the ecosystem.

We call this process H4X. We do it with you and your company, not for you. We’re here to build your capacity to solve your own most critical problems.


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